Five Steps for Restaurant Sustainability

636px-Recycle001_svgMany restaurants are looking for new ways to go green and maintain sustainable business practices. A main method of going green in the restaurant industry is by utilizing locally-sourced foods from nearby farms and other suppliers. However, there are other methods businesses can use to go green, including in their cleaning and sanitation efforts.

1. Think touch-free restrooms. Touch-free restroom systems reduce waste and improve sustainability by reducing the amount of water, soap and paper a customer uses. The right dispensers and faucets could save centerpull cutoutrestaurants a lot of money and significantly reduce the amount of product that gets thrown out or washed down the drain.

2. Choose recycled paper products. Many companies choose electric hand dryers thinking they are more environmentally friendly. However, studies have shown that those dryers use a lot of electricity and spread more bacteria than paper towels. Reduce waste by choosing paper products and dispensers made from recycled materials. While you can’t recycle those paper towels again, you can compost them (or collect them for a company that will compost them on your behalf).

3. Focus on floor care. Use mats on this inside and outside of all entryways to reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your restaurant. YouRubbermaid Yellow mop bucket with wringer also want to use a dual chamber mop bucket to keep clean and dirty water and solution separated. This will reduce the amount of times you need to refill your bucket and make your floors cleaner and safer.

Flexible Dusting Wand

Flexible Dusting Wand

4. Choose reusable cleaning products/tools. Restaurants with washing machines or laundry service access should consider dusting wands or mops that can be laundered and used over and over. The same goes for brooms and brushes.

5. Check your towels. Sanitizing countertops, prep areas and tables is extremely important for food safety. Use reusable sanitizing cloths, stored in a sanitizer bucket rather than disposable wipes. Additionally, you should keep a clean towel and soiled towel pail on hand to avoid cross-contamination.

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