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Eight Tips to Ensure a Proper and Thorough Cleaning

restroom moppingHow do you clean? We all follow different procedures when it comes to cleaning our homes and/or businesses. But are there steps we all need to take to ensure a proper and thorough cleaning.

  1. Clean for health first, then appearance. That means you need to make sure to properly sanitize and disinfect in addition to straightening up and performing general cleaning tasks.
  2. Always keep your cleaning supplies clean. Dirty cleaning supplies will only spread more germs and bacteria around your home or business. It could also cost you more because dirty cleaning supplies will not last as long as properly maintained ones.Strip washer bucket web5
  3. Use the right tool for the job. Choose the right mops, brooms, brushes andchemicals for each particular task. Using an incorrect tool or chemical can be dangerous for your health (and the health of others) and could damage surfaces like floors or countertops.
  4. Never mix chemicals together. You could create a hazardous combination that could be deadly.
  5. Always clean from the top down. Otherwise, you’ll end up cleaning lower areas twice when dirt or dust from higher spaces falls.
  6. Know your goals. Make sure that before you start to clean, you know what you intend to accomplish, how you’re going to do it and what areas need special attention. Check out our six questions to consider before cleaning for ideas.
  7. Color Coded WebUse the right tools in the right places. Color-coding is the best way to prevent spreading germs from one area of your home or business into another area. Make sure family members and staff know which tools to use in which areas of your home or business in order to reduce the risk of illnesses.
  8. Make safety a priority. Always mark wet floors with brightly colored signs to prevent slip and fall injuries.

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