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Don’t Let Your Restroom Get a Bad Rap: Keep it Clean!

restroom featured imageWhen it comes to cleaning, restrooms get a bad rap. More customers will complain about cleanliness issues in your restrooms than they will anywhere else in your business. That’s not to say you and your cleaning staff aren’t working hard to make your restroom spotless. However, we all know what goes on in the restroom and that can sometimes get gross. According to the ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Association, “the purpose of restroom cleaning is to maintain clean, hygienic and attractive restrooms.”

The first thing your customers will notice when they walk into a restroom is the odor. It can come from a variety of sources: poor cleaning that allows bacterial growth, bad ventilation, bodily fluids, gases and excrement, un-flushed toilets and urinals and failure to clean floor drains. The first step in cleaning your restroom needs to be locating the source of the odor. The ISSA recommends going into the restroom when it’s empty, turning off the lights and using an Ultraviolet or UV light (or black light). Bodily fluids will glow under the light, so you’ll easily be able find the source of your odors.  The best places to look are around sinks, urinals, toilets, including the floors, walls and ceilings.

Once you know the source, you can begin cleaning. Make sure employees always wear gloves and other protective gear when cleaning. Use an approved cleaning solution for the various areas in your restroom and make sure you use the proper solutions in the proper areas to avoid damaging restroom fixtures and flooring.

Here are six steps you want to make sure not to miss:
1. Collect trash and place into waste receptacle. Make sure to empty the trash cans as part of the cleaning process.
2. Fill any paper towel, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, soap and other dispensers. Test to make sure they’re working properly.Toilet Paper1
3. Clean and disinfect sinks, counters, toilets, urinals, stalls, cabinets, walls and doors. Experts recommend letting disinfectant sit on a surface for at least 10 minutes to adequately kill germs and bacteria.
4. Clean mirrors, dust and disinfect lights, vents, faucets, fans and light switches.
5. Clean your floor drain to remove odor causing bacteria that can build up in there.
6. Sweep and mop your floors. Don’t forget to put out wet floor signs before you begin in order to avoid slip and fall accidents.

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