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More to Clean than Meets the Eye

Jaws in ActionThere’s more to clean than meets the eye. Yes, an element of cleanliness involves appearance, but that isn’t all. According to the ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, you should always clean for health first, then appearance. As technology and research have evolved, experts realized that cleaning was about much more than making a floor spotless or putting trash in the proper receptacle.

Cleaning improves health and appearances can be deceiving. For example, you might clean a room or a building, pick up all visible trash, wipe away all of the crumbs and straighten everything out. However, failure to properly disinfect defeats the purpose of cleaning. You cannot and should not do one without the other. In addition to making a space look nice, you need to sanitize/disinfect to help reduce the spread of diseases such as the flu and Norovirus.

spray bottle sanitizeCleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting are two distinct steps that need to be performed together to accomplish both cleanliness and health goals. Cleaning removes visible dirt and soil from a surface. Sanitizing and/or disinfecting kill and remove microorganisms, germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses, odors or spoilage. You need to clean first to remove the visible dirt before you can disinfect. According to the ISSA, that’s because dirt and soil can lessen the efficacy of your disinfectant.

Just remember that disinfecting is about more than just spraying and wiping. You need to allow for “dwell” time, which is the amount of time a disinfectant must remain on a surface in order to work properly. Most disinfectants can take about 10 minutes to dwell, but your best bet is to read the instructions on the bottle.

Additionally, don’t forget to clean and disinfect the less obvious places, the high-touch points like restroom faucets and remote controls.

ISSA: Market Focus: Cleaning for Health

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