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Promoting Clean

The Sweep of a Lifetime: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Broom

Getting your floor spotless doesn’t have to be difficult. A clean floor is all about choosing the right mops and brooms and using the correct techniques to make cleaning quick and effective. Today, we’re going to focus on choosing brooms and the five steps for sweeping with ease. First, breaking down some of the different broom […]

Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Let Them Live: Proper Storage for Your Mops, Brooms and Brushes

It’s something we all learned as kids – when you’re done using something, put it away. When it comes to cleaning supplies, it’s not just about putting away mops, brooms, brushes and buckets, but also how you store them. Throwing cleaning supplies in a closet could cost your business money. Why? Proper storage of your […]

Simple Steps to Reduce Slips, Trips and Falls

Mop, Sweep and Sign: The Importance of Safety While Cleaning

Last week, Century Products LLC blogged about the importance of keeping your floors clean. Using the right mops and brooms and the proper techniques will make most out of your sweeping and mopping efforts, keep customers happy and coming back for more. After posting the floor cleaning blog to a discussion group on LinkedIn, Century […]

Cleaning Impossible

A Dirty Floor Can Keep Customers Away

I once tried out a restaurant that had great reviews and local recognition. When I went in, the floors were dingy, the walls were covered in dirt and the service was horrendous. The food was only mediocre. I should have walked out. I never went back. And I shared my experience. Word-of-mouth works for both […]

4 steps to reducing cross contamination

Color Coded Cleaning

When you think about your cleaning supplies, color is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Red, yellow, blue – what’s the difference? Why does color even matter when you’re cleaning? It’s simple: color coding leads to cleanliness. Really. Just think about it. You don’t want someone to clean the bathroom, then take […]