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Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Commercial oven cleaning is vital in any professional kitchen. Improperly cleaned ovens can cause food to taste bad and even worse, can become safety and fire hazards. Drippings from old food can also cause foodborne illnesses that could make your customers sick. Commercial ovens should be cleaned daily to avoid any potential dangers. Deeper cleanings […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

Where Bacteria Hide in your Kitchen

It’s no secret that bacteria hide everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, many of the germiest areas in a restaurant, business or home are in the kitchen, not the restroom. With their proximity to food, those germs can cause potentially dangerous foodborne illnesses. A recent study from NSF International looked at 14 common kitchen items for […]

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Quick Reference: Restaurant Dry Food Storage Safety

Foodborne illnesses are a top concern for any foodservice establishment. They can come from a variety of sources along the food chain: anywhere from the farm to improper cooking to improper storage can cause a devastating illness. Here is a quick reference for storing dry foods to prevent cross-contamination and spoilage. Store food at least 6 inches above the […]

Chemical-Free Oven Cleaning

Chemical-Free Oven Cleaning

If you cook, chances are that at some point, your food has boiled over, leaving a mess in the oven. There are oven cleaning chemicals available, but every time I’ve used them, the chemicals get caught in my lungs, causing me to go into a coughing fit. While businesses and restaurants are required to use […]

Proper Restaurant Cleaning And Maintenance Will Save You Money

Kitchen Germs and How to Clean Them

Many people believe bathrooms, whether public or in their home or offices, are the germiest places in a building. The truth is that some of the most dangerous bacteria live in your kitchen. The germs can cause all kinds of easily-spreadable diseases such as the cold, flu and stomach viruses. Most of these germs are […]

Be Smart About Your Cleaning

Food Safety to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

More than 1,000 foodborne illness outbreaks occur each year in restaurants. Sources include everything from salmonella to Norovirus and other dangerous germs. Those germs can come from almost any type of food, most commonly poultry, meat, greens and dairy. Those foodborne illnesses can send your customers to the doctor’s office or hospital. Some could even […]

The Germiest Places in your Kitchen and How to Clean Them

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly a quarter of the foodborne illness outbreaks in the United States between 2009 and 2010 were linked to foods cooked at home. A new study from the nonprofit science organization, NSF International looks at the germiest places in home kitchens and they’re not where you […]

4 steps to reducing cross contamination

4 Steps to Reducing Cross-Contamination

Cross-contamination is a huge concern in the foodservice industry. Concerns are not only about keeping your restaurant clean but also preventing potentially deadly foodborne illnesses. Spending the time to ensure you are taking the proper steps to avoid cross-contamination will benefit your business. In fact, restaurant cleanliness ranks second only to food quality in a […]


Six Food Safety Tips for a Happy and Healthy Easter

Spring is here and so is the Easter holiday weekend. For many, it means spending time with family and friends and enjoying those Easter feasts.  Whether it’s a brunch, dinner or a snack-filled afternoon, here are six food safety tips to keep in mind to keep your day happy and healthy. 1. Wash your hands […]

Personal Hygiene Matters in Your Restaurant

Clean, Sanitize and Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

Food safety is a number one priority in restaurants and for home cooks. Failing to meet those safety standards can make employees or customers sick, just ask Martha Stewart. Stewart said this week that she got Salmonella from touching too many Thanksgiving turkeys. Stewart said she was in bed for several days. According to the […]