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Dry Your Hands

Hand Drying

Drying your hands is just as important as washing them. Researchers found that failure to dry your hands can increase the spread of bacteria. According to the Mayo Clinic, the effectiveness of your hand drying routine includes the drying speed, degree of dryness, effective removal of bacteria and prevention of cross-contamination. While researchers found that […]

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Reduce Your Risk of Getting Sick

Flu season is ramping up across the United States and it’s proving to be a busy one. About a quarter of the US population is affected by the flu each year. That not only impacts health, it impacts work, productivity and learning. However, there are steps you can take both at work and at home […]

put your gloves on properly for food safety

Put Your Gloves on Properly for Food Safety

It’s no secret that hand hygiene is an important factor in reducing the spread of foodborne illnesses in restaurants. Adding gloves to a solid handwashing routine improves your food safety effort. However, you need to put your gloves on properly for food safety purposes. Failure to properly put on your gloves can lead to cross-contamination […]

Holiday Food Safety

Clean Your Hands Day

May 5th is Clean Your Hands Day. The goal is to help improve hand hygiene, primarily in the health care fields. While the World Health Organization’s initiative focuses mainly on health care, we can all learn something about proper handwashing from Clean Your Hands Day. Experts in infection control emphasize that handwashing is a top […]

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Gloves and Food Contact

Disposable gloves are a vital resource in any restaurant kitchen. Combined with proper handwashing, they’re a top way to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that can cause dangerous foodborne illnesses. Direct bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods is prohibited, according to the Food and Drug Administration. That includes foods that do not require […]

Holiday Food Safety

Avoid the Flu: Watch What You Touch!

Did you know the average person touch about 30 objects every minute? In the same time span, we touch our faces five times. Everything you touch puts you at risk of picking up illness-causing germs and bacteria, especially during cold and flu season. The problem is that we all touch a lot of things every […]