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Cleaning Your Restroom In 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning Your Restroom In 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning your restroom is probably not on your list of most exciting things to do. But you know how important it is to keep your restroom clean. Today, we’re focusing on streamlining the restroom cleaning process to make your job quick and effective. One way to make this process easy is to use a restroom […]

Hands-Free Paper Towel Dispensers

How Paper Towels Can Reduce the Bathroom Germs You Can’t See

You can’t see them. You can’t smell them. But germs are everywhere, especially in your bathroom. You know that keeping your restroom clean is a big factor in getting repeat customers. But keeping your restroom clean also includes working to reduce the spread of germs. That goes beyond the mopping and scrubbing. Paper Towels can […]

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Key to Customers? A Clean Restroom!

You’ve been there. You’re at a restaurant, and you desperately need to use the restroom. However, when you get there, it’s gross. The floors are dirty, there’s no toilet paper or soap and you just want to run in the opposite direction. You’re not alone. So what’s the key to customers? A clean restroom! As […]