5 Scrub Brushes To Help With Your Deep Cleaning Routine

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, many restaurants will be busily preparing to host holiday parties, corporate gatherings and family outings. It’s a hectic time of the year when, I hate to say it, deep cleaning may be on ones mind, but may be put on hold until the end of the season. And though many restaurants clean their floors and counters on a daily basis, are you deep cleaning enough?

At Century Products, we emphasize ‘Choosing the Right Tool for the Right Job’ Why? To keep it simple – it helps make the cleaning job easier, faster and helps your tools last longer. When performing a deep cleaning, quite a bit of scrubbing is typically involved and its important to choose the right scrub brush that will maximize effort and time.

Here are five scrub brushes that can help make that deep cleaning job effective:

  • Cleaning: Corner and Baseboard BrushThe Corner and Baseboard Brush is specially designed to reach into corners, baseboards and stairways. Made with crimped polypropylene bristles that’s great for scrubbing, this Triangular-shaped hardwood lacquered block and angled handle holes for easier use.
  • Cleaning: Swivel Scrub BrushThe Swivel Scrub Brush is ideal for cleaning floors, rough-textured surfaces, grout, under ledges and equipment and in corners. It swivels on its side to clean baseboards, walls, around kitchen equipment and areas where floor machines can’t reach. Made with durable nylon bristles, this scrub brush resists acid, heat, oil and most cleaning solutions.
  • Cleaning: Hi-Lo Floor BrushThe Hi-Lo Floor Brush has crimped bristles wash easily and prevent gathering of mold and mildew. Its split shape is efficient for cleaning flat surfaces, under counters, around equipment and along baseboards. The Base resins used to produce blocks and bristles are made of FDA approved materials.
  • Cleaning: Grout BrushThe Grout Brush with its stiff, crimped polyester bristles to remove dirt, grime, and residue can be used hand-held or used with a threaded handle. The narrow bristles are designed to fit in grout lines and the molded-in scraper and two different position handle holes effectively remove stuck-on debris an stubborn stains from grouted tile.
  • Cleaning: Flexible Floor Drain Brush with Splash GuardThe Flexible Floor Drain Brush with Splash Guard 36″ in length has a flexible wire that allows brush to easily access hard-to-reach floor drains. The twisted wire handle easily maneuvers deeper into drain allowing it to make the turns in the pipes while the poly ball guides smoothly through elbow turns. Crimped Poly bristles allow drain chemical to adhere for maximum cleaning power and the splash guard covers drain hole while the brush agitates to ensure contaminates do not come out of the drain.

The beginning of the new year is a good time to implement deep cleaning strategies after the busy holiday season. Its  the perfect time to ensure that nothing is overlooked and things get back in shape. Scheduling regular cleaning is important to the safety and health of the employees that work and for the customers that eat there.  Deep cleaning helps to create an atmosphere that lets all employees know that high standards are expected. Start making your plans to deep clean your establishment today!

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